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North Quaker Warehouse offers convenient storage in Lubbock, Texas. All the space you need is provided to store day-to-day possessions, RV's, and even run a small, construction-based business.


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 The perfect storage space 

Get the storage space you need at an affordable price.

Some of the best storage in Lubbock, Texas!

Great security to ensure that your belongings are safe!

 Storage Tips 

1) Pack everything tight!


This prevents things like excess moisture and dust from developing and allows you to store more.


2) Leave enough airspace for proper ventilation.


When the unit becomes cluttered, it can be quite difficult for air to circulate which will increase the chances of dust and nasty particles entering into the unit.


3) Protective sheeting.


Add protective sheeting to your storage items, ensuring that nothing bad will get into the mix.

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