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One Unit Available for Lease Today

To the delight of Texans everywhere, springtime has arrived and summer is just around the corner! Schools are releasing for summer break, the days are longer, and the heat of Texas is well on its way for the next few months. While there is much to enjoy about summer, the weather here can be dangerous and brutal in the hotter months. If you are looking for a place to store your RV or boat in between trips or a space to work on your construction, small business, or other hobby without having to deal with the heat, wind, and sun of Texas from May-September (or even later!), our units are the perfect size. North Quaker Warehouse has one unit available for rent immediately. Units are leased for only $480 a month. Our facility borders Quaker Avenue and is secured with an electronic gate as well as security cameras to keep your unit and its contents safe.

At North Quaker Warehouse, each of our units has a personal restroom in your unit and multiple ways in and out of the unit to preserve energy. Whether you would like the overhead door open to circulate air or closed to keep the wind, heat, and dirt out, North Quaker Warehouse is the place for you! North Quaker Warehouse is the perfect place to start or expand your construction business, car restoration company or hobby, and store your RV or boat from the brutal weather when you are not using it. Units at North Quaker Warehouse are all 25 feet by 50 feet and come equipped with a 12 foot overhead door. You also have a private restroom in your unit. North Quaker Warehouse’s units are the perfect place for your small business or to protect your large investments (RVs, motorhomes, and boats) safe from bad weather.

We currently have one unit available for lease as soon as today. To learn more or to rent a unit from North Quaker Warehouse in Lubbock, Texas, call 806-792-6161 or email

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