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Three Units Available!

As the holiday season approaches along with the new year, it is time to start considering what 2020 will look like for you. Have you always wanted to restore old cars, but have put it off with a claim that you will do it one day? Have you been debating starting your own small construction company but have yet to take the leap and actually do it? Your dreams do not have to wait for a decade from now or even for the new year to begin (and with it, New Year’s resolutions.) North Quaker Warehouses are the perfect place to start 2020 off right and begin to follow your passion.

North Quaker Warehouses are the perfect spot for your small construction business, car restoration hobby, and more. Each unit is 25 feet by 50 feet. A 12 foot overhead door allows you to close in warmth in the colder months and let air circulate when it warms back up in the spring and summer. You do not have to worry about opening and closing the overhead door frequently as there is a separate entry door, and each unit also comes equipped with its own private restroom. Rent is $480 a month. Tenants at North Quaker Warehouses pay all of their utilities with the exception of water. Our units are spacious and are great for not only storage, but also for starting your own company, working on refurbishing things such as old cars, and running your company. The property is secured with an electronic gate to ensure the safety of your warehouse’s contents.

Three units are available at North Quaker Warehouses. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to start something new -- call 806-792-6161 or email to learn more or to rent a unit from North Quaker Warehouses.

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