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Two Units Available

While some warmer days may have you craving springtime or even summer, West Texas is still in the midst of winter. Even though the temperature on the South Plains can be unpredictable, the best thing you can do is be prepared for whatever weather is thrown our way. Some days might be in the 70s, and the same week the temperature will not rise above freezing! With cold days sticking around a while longer, you may be looking for the perfect place to expand your construction business or a place indoors to restore old cars. Perhaps you even need a safe place to store your RV or motorhome during these colder months when travel is a little more limited. If you are looking for the ideal location for where you can work or where your possessions will remain safe, look no further than North Quaker Warehouse in Lubbock, Texas. We have two units available to lease that are the perfect spot for your small construction business, a place to safely restore old cars, and even to store your belongings as fall and winter approach.

Each unit at North Quaker Warehouses measures 25 feet by 50 feet. Our warehouse units are the ideal place for you to start or expand your small construction business, car restoration company or hobby, and more. The 12 foot overhead door is useful for closing in warmth during the colder months and letting air circulate in the spring and summer as well as early fall. Each unit also comes equipped with a separate entry door. For any significant amount of time you might spend in your warehouse, each unit has a private restroom. Rent is priced at $480 a month plus utilities. Water is included in your monthly payment. Our property is secured with an electronic gate to ensure the safety of the contents of your warehouse. We also recently installed security cameras to further protect the facility and our renters.

Two units are available for a 12 month lease at North Quaker Warehouse in Lubbock, Texas. Start your year off right! For the perfect spot to begin or expand your dreams, call 806-792-6161 or email to book your space.

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